A Swedish “climate impact label” on a bio-fuel dispenser courtesy of @gronabilster

Comprehensive shifts away from fossil fuel powered vehicles will require governments regulating the fossil fuel industry. As I explained in my article about Cambridge, MA requiring a climate/public health warning label on gasoline pumps, combusting fossil fuel produces hidden costs to the consumer.

Yes, improvements in technology matter, but individual consumers still have only vague understandings of the climate/public health impacts from their routine consumption– and combustion– of gasoline and diesel fuels. Especially as these vagaries relate to the relative merits of EV technology roll-outs (costs/benefits) in comparison to the fossil-fuel-powered status quo, that we need people en masse, to move away from.

Want Climate Justice? Mute Big Oil.

Also, you can't discount fossil fuel industry shenanigans and entrenched political influence in major polluter countries globally, where without greater regulation, oil interests will continue to undermine the technological inroads electric vehicles will make in the future.

Only Big Government Can Regulate Big Oil.

In other words, the free market is but one arrow in the quiver to move people wholesale away from fossil fuel as a transportation energy choice. Part of a major shift away from fossil fuel (in key ways, an unparalleled energy source)– as well as better technology– will be achieved only when governments force Big Oil transparency. Government creating a starker choice for consumers around tobacco use vis a vis the Surgeon General warnings, was how we ultimately controlled what was then another powerful, and major public health menace in the 1970’s; Big Tobacco.

Founder of the non-profit, Think Beyond the Pump. The group promotes a climate/public health warning label on all points of fossil purchase.

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